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Where we are all family

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Family-owned and operated since 2007, we provide caring, compassionate services to our DODD community.


Caring For Yours started after we witnessed individuals with special needs and troubled youths not being cared for properly, taken advantage of, and even abused during our 25 years in this field. We were deeply troubled by this trend, and we vowed to do something to help.

Meeting the needs of the DODD community

Researching the needs of the area's DODD community gave us the drive and determination to become a licensed provider that cares for, understands, and provides quality services to people with developmental disabilities and special needs.

We treat everyone like family, and we measure our performance on the quality of care that we provide you.


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Caring for those who need it most

Since we first opened, our number one goal has been to help those around us who are in need by providing them with the quality care they deserve, and that continues to be our objective today.

For our team, it's not about the numbers; it's about improving the quality of life you and your loved ones have.